Electrical Remodeling in Carlsbad

If there’s one home remodeling job that’s not DIY, it’s electrical remodeling. The dangers should be obvious; electrical currents can shock, burn, and kill you. If the wires aren’t installed properly, they can overheat and cause a fire behind your walls—doesn’t sound like too much fun, does it?

Thankfully in Carlsbad, you can count on Sappington Electric for all your electrical remodeling needs. Our certified, insured, and licensed electricians can do it all. Not only do they have technical expertise in a range of electrical services, they also do it with enthusiasm. Feel free to ask them questions along the way!

Electrical Services at Sappington Electric

Electrical remodeling is a broad category for different services. Here’s a list of some that we offer. It’s not a complete list, but it should give you an idea of what’s available from our local electricians.

  • Fuse to circuit breaker upgrades
  • Interior lighting installation
  • Exterior lighting installation
  • Custom lighting
  • Full electrical rewiring
  • Ground wire installation
  • Ungrounded to grounded outlet upgrades
  • Home theater installation
  • Home sound system installation
  • Alarm system installation
  • Wired systems network
  • Access systems installation
  • Intercom systems installation

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, don’t worry. Just give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll either be able to do the job or send you in the direction of someone who can.

Less Is More with Energy Efficient Upgrades

These days you can’t go two steps without seeing an ad about going ‘green’, or hearing someone talk about their new green energy plan. Nowadays, green energy is not just for the wealthy. With some simple electrical remodeling projects, you can save yourself a lot of money.

At Sappington Electric, we install energy efficient light bulbs. This is an easy and inexpensive way to start saving money right away. Newer bulbs can even replicate the warm, soft glow of incandescent light, and don’t forget that they practically last forever!

The Electrical Contractors You Can Trust

Over the years we’ve developed a reputation in Carlsbad for high-quality, trustworthy work. It helps that our customers always come back. We think a big part of that is due to the emphasis we put on customer service.

It’s never just about the quality of electrical work. Of course, it’s number one but there’s always something more. For us, it’s the unrivalled, customer service—the respect, decency, and cordiality we show towards our customers.

If you’ve been considering an electrical remodeling project in your Carlsbad home, don’t hesitate to call Sappington Electric today!