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Are you living in a home that was built over 30 years ago? Do you have problems with blown fuses? Are you concerned that some or all your electrical outlets are not grounded? If so, you’re more than likely in need of electrical remodeling.

Sappington Electric is the residential electrical contractor you’re looking for. Our licensed electricians are fully qualified to perform a wide range of electrical remodeling projects: no job is too big or too small. From fuse to breaker upgrades, to ground wire installation, to custom light installation—we’ve got you covered. Don’t get shocked by bad electrical work. Call Sappington Electric today!

Fuse to Breaker Upgrades

Blowing a fuse is basically the stay-at-home equivalent of getting a flat tire: it’s a drag! It always seems to happen at the worst possible moment: your guests are just about to arrive, you’re in the middle of getting ready to go out and you just put a roast in the oven.

It’s the worst. We sympathize. It’s finally time to switch to a circuit breaker.

Sappington Electric will upgrade your electrical panel to a circuit breaker. In the past years, our licensed electricians have done many installations that they could practically do them with their eyes closed. It’s not only safer and more reliable, it’s also an important feature that’s necessary for getting home insurance. Forget about high premiums, many insurance companies won’t even insure your home without a circuit breaker.

Ungrounded to Grounded Outlet Upgrades

When you buy an old house it’s always important to check the electrical outlets. Are they all grounded? Are some of them grounded? Are none of them grounded? You’re certainly in for trouble if none of them are.

Grounded electrical outlets are an essential part of modern life as all high voltage appliances in your home require them. We’re not exaggerating when we say: you could literally die.

High voltage appliances tend to draw a lot of electrical current. Without grounded outlets, a power surge could suddenly overload your electrical system, because excess electricity cannot be rerouted into the ground, it will find the closest conductor. If that happens to be you, it could be fatal. If the wires overheat behind your walls, they can light on fire.

Sappington Electric can install the grounding wire and upgrade to grounded electrical outlets to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our home electrical wiring services are some of the best in the region.

Custom Lighting Upgrades

To be honest, this is one of our favorite jobs. We love working on behind-the-walls electrical projects but getting to put together something that is esthetically pleasing is a nice treat too.

These days there are a lot of gorgeous options for custom home lighting. Would you like a set of dimmable recessed pot-lights for your home theater? Or perhaps a set of hanging LED lanterns, tucked away among the flowers and the trees in your garden?

For all your electrical remodeling needs, call Sappington Electric today!

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